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Build and deliver effective and sustainable learning solutions to drive organizational success


PMGS understands that, for training and education to be effective, it has to achieve sustainable changes in the know-how and behavior of participants and ultimately, drive bottom-line results to the organization.

To support this objective, we will work and collaborate with key stakeholders to understand your organization in order to design the right training solutions, tailored to your organization’s needs and environment (and that match the quality of the training solutions expected by the organization)


To enable their talent to perform at a high level in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment, organizations are shifting from a training-centric approach to a performance-centric one. PMGS can help them leverage a more dynamic, agile approach to designing performance-centric learning systems. 

Performance-centric stands out as a way to blend the best elements of the ADDIE approach with the iterative elements of an Agile approach, thus creating the most effective learning solutions possible. The final piece of an effective performance-centric learning system is a robust evaluation and measurement system.

PMGS will help to refine the approach for measuring and evaluating learning impact by answering the following questions: 

  • Has the program landed?

  • Has behaviors changed?

  • What are the business impacts?

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How and where learning happens is changing. This means the curriculum development effort should consider how to get the right learning at the right time. 
These areas include leveraging a mobile strategy, shifting from live events to more blended solutions, improving the effectiveness of their e-Learning, and integrating a more interactive and visual approach to content design. Promoting structured learning or learning from your peers and sharing your knowledge with others.

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Because of the breadth and depth of our training resource library, Schneider Electric may access project management topics ranging from technical skills (e.g., risk management, portfolio management, governance, etc.) to soft skills (e.g., influence, negotiation, and emotional intelligence). Most importantly, our extensive library will allow us to jumpstart the process and quickly design customized learning solution  based on your organizational and project management environments.
Today, we offer a broad array of project management topics (i.e., 35+ training courses, seminars and workshops) and have the ability to drill down or up in any one area based on client needs



  • Project Managers

  • Programs Managers

  • Tender Managers

  • Project Team Resources

  • Managers of project managers

  • Project Management Offices

  • Executives

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To support corporate universities or academies, training departments.

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We can help organizations setting a direction and establishing a plan to close priority skills gaps, support new business opportunities and establish processes to support the learning function. We work collaboratively with corporate universities, faculties and academies team to craft: 

  • Organizational Learning Strategyby defining the learning mission and goals and a competency-based learning management process.

  • Program Implementation Strategy to support large-scale training initiatives, that require effective planning and decision-making for successful implementation. 

  • Learning architecture designhelp the organization specify, structure and visually illustrate a sequence of learning programs, informal learning resources and development actions, along with a supporting infrastructure to meet targeted learning goals. Using a competency based approach, organizations can benefit from the learning pathways and curriculum designs we’ve developed to gain a variety of business and technology skills.

  • Learning measurement strategy: help to set the organization strategy to measure learning impact and draw up a solution tailored to the organization. We will work collaboratively with the organization to ensure that the outcome is aligned to the business goals and KPIs.

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PMGS has the global resources and expertise to provide managed services for the full spectrum of learning on behalf of the organization. We work collaboratively with corporate universities, faculties and academies team to deliver: 

  • Overall Portfolio or Program management and administration to monitor, inspect and report progress of the initiatives, identify barriers to success and help to overcome them, and finally, measure business results.

  • Instructor management –. Our instructor management system allows us to maintain uniformity in, and control over, the instructor recruitment, certification, and evaluation processes. We can leverage hundreds of internal and external instructor’s resources that meet your training delivery needs when and where you need them around the globe.

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